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Northwest Valve Systems is the Factory Authorized Service Provider for Cla-Val control valves in British Columbia and a Service Provider Partner for Flotech, a Division of Spartan Controls, throughout Western Canada.


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PRV Station Design / Application Assistance

Cla-Val Logo The versatility of the Cla-Val Hytrol Main Valve allows it to be piloted for an endless array of functions. Each function will affect how the valve is applied in a given system.

Many factors including: Operating pressure, Flow rates, Differential pressure, Fluid composition and more should be considered to ensure an extended life cycle of the valve. There are valves in service today that were built in the 1950’s, this speaks volumes about the Cla-Val product but also that those installations were designed properly in their day.

We can facilitate the design of your Packaged PRV station including proper sizing. We work closely with Prepackaged PRV Station OEM’s and as a team we can help you design a station that meets your current criteria and future needs.

For those applications that do not require special considerations, we can offer a pre designed PRV Station. This will benefit you in savings of both time and money. Although pre designed, these packages offer a variety of options and customization features to suit your needs.

Proper valve sizing is critical to proper performance and valve life. An undersized valve can cause as many problems as an oversized one depending on what the application may be. Piloting features can be reviewed at this stage by the use of electronics, or hydraulic pilot devices to address system specific issues.

Cla-Val’s Computerized valve selection program not only allows us to confirm proper valve sizing for velocities, flow rates and pressures. It also allows us to diagnose whether your application may have cavitation concerns. Computerized PDF color printouts, similar to the one below can be emailed to you for your design records.

This program allows for quick and easy valve sizing and comparison and helps prevent valve under or over sizing based on system parameters

Valve sizing and comparison program screen shot example

There is no charge for this service or for the PDF.

Contact us at any time for this service and any assistance in sizing, model selection and specification details

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